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    Carrying the baby with you is a natural way to care for your little one. We create beautiful Vanamo woven wraps & slings, and personalized Wompat baby carriers. You can find some of our most popular designs in stock in our shop, or you can order a special carrier custom made.
  • Vanamo Wraps

    Vanamo Wraps

    Vanamo woven wrap is a small piece of the precious Finnish nature! Each wrap is carefully designed and made with love to ensure the best quality and feel. Only natural and pure materials are used: cuddly soft organic cotton, fine wool, smooth linen and luxury silk.
  • Wompat Carrier

    Wompat Carrier

    Experience the joy of closeness with your little one! Carefully hand made in Finland from the top quality materials. Wompat is stylish & comfortable and still very simple to use. You can even send your own baby wrap for a conversion!
  • Conversion Carriers

    Conversion Carriers

    Do you have a special taste for baby carriers and can’t find the right one? Our professional seamstresses are ready to create the baby carrier of your dreams! Choose the fabrics & style: Wompat SSC, Wrap Tai, Meh Dai, Ring Tai, Onbuhimo or the SlingyRoo babywearing bag. We even offer wrap conversion service!
  • Girasol Exclusives

    Girasol Exclusives

    Hand woven Girasol baby wraps and ring slings are famous for their lively colors and comfortable carrying experience. In our shop you can find many beautiful Girasol designs that are exclusively made for Wearababy: Earthy Rainbow, Northern Lights, Rainforest, Sandia and many many more!
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New Vanamo wraps!

New Vanamo baby wraps have arrived! Check out the delishious pink & berry and the golden tones of our new toddler-proof cotton-linen blends. Many of our customers have wished for subtle colors in 100% cotton and we have now available classy black & grey, creme & pearl grey and night-blue tones in the Kide and Pitsi weaves. On the video you can see a glimpse of the new linen blends in mint-green, blue & grey!

 Wrap Tai Baby Freshness
198.00€ 183.60€
 Wrap Tai Toddler Freshness
203.00€ 183.60€
Earthy Rainbow Diamond
103.00€ 72.10€
Earthy Rainbow Herringbone
103.00€ 72.10€
97.00€ 67.90€
Girasol bag Earthy Rainbow
30.00€ 18.00€
Girasol bag Northern Lights
30.00€ 18.00€
Girasol bag Sandia Black
30.00€ 18.00€
Girasol bag Sandia Green
30.00€ 18.00€
Girasol Earthy Rainbow
1.90€ 1.33€
MySol Earthy Rainbow
155.00€ 139.50€
MySol Supernova rainbow
155.00€ 131.75€
Pine Tree
97.00€ 67.90€
Ring Sling Freshness
75.00€ 52.50€
Ring Sling Karpalo cotton navy
86.00€ 73.10€
Ring Sling Karpalo cotton red
86.00€ 73.10€
Ring sling Kide Ilta
113.00€ 96.05€
Ring Sling Kide Kaisla, linen
111.00€ 94.35€
Ring Sling Kide Kajo, linen
111.00€ 94.35€
Ring Sling Kide Kanto
111.00€ 94.35€
Ring Sling Kide Kelo, linen
111.00€ 94.35€
Ring Sling Kide Korpi, linen
111.00€ 94.35€
Ring Sling Kide Pilvi, linen
111.00€ 94.35€
Ring sling Kide Syli
115.00€ 101.70€
Ring Sling Kide Tuli
104.00€ 88.40€
Ring Sling Pitsi Freija
104.00€ 88.40€
Ring Sling Pitsi Velna
104.00€ 88.40€