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    Carrying the baby with you is a natural way to care for your little one. We create beautiful Vanamo woven wraps & slings, and personalized Wompat baby carriers. You can find some of our most popular designs in stock in our shop, or you can order a special carrier custom made.
  • Vanamo Wraps

    Vanamo Wraps

    Vanamo woven wrap is a small piece of the precious Finnish nature! Each wrap is carefully designed and made with love to ensure the best quality and feel. Only natural and pure materials are used: cuddly soft organic cotton, fine wool, smooth linen and luxury silk.
  • Wompat Carrier

    Wompat Carrier

    Experience the joy of closeness with your little one! Carefully hand made in Finland from the top quality materials. Wompat is stylish & comfortable and still very simple to use. You can even send your own baby wrap for a conversion!
  • Custom Carriers

    Custom Carriers

    Do you have a special taste for baby carriers and can’t find the right one? Our professional seamstresses are ready to create the baby carrier of your dreams! Choose the fabrics & style: Wompat SSC, Wrap Tai, Meh Dai, Ring Tai, Onbuhimo or a handy babywearing bag! We even offer wrap conversion service!
  • Girasol Exclusives

    Girasol Exclusives

    Hand woven Girasol baby wraps and ring slings are famous for their lively colors and comfortable carrying experience. In our shop you can find many beautiful Girasol designs that are exclusively made for Wearababy: Earthy Rainbow, Northern Lights, Rainforest, Sandia and many many more!
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Valentine's Day Sale!

Treat yourself or your friend to one of our wonderful woven wraps or baby carriers! The color theme is pink, purple, red and blue. We have selected some beautiful Vanamo woven wraps and ring slings in various material blends and Wompat baby carriers in all sizes. All of the discounted products are listed further on this page. More than that, we offer extra 10 % off on the whole stock with the coupon code: SUUKKO. By using the code the total discount can be as much as 20-25 %! The sale continues until Sunday evening 16th of February.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add products to the shopping cart. Choose "Use coupon code" and add the discount code. If you have any questions or problems with the ordering process, please email us: niina@liinalapsi.fi

New Girasol ring slings!

Our seamstress created a set of affordable ring slings in beautiful rainbow stripes! Ring slings are made from Girasol woven wrap fabric which is handweaved in Guatemala. Large high quality aluminium rings & gathered shoulder type finish the comfortable style! We have available soft & thin ring slings for smaller babies and thicker & more supportive qualities for toddlers. You can find all Girasol ring slings HERE

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vanamo woven wrap on back carry.
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Ring sling Kide Katka
144.00€ 86.40€
Ring Sling Ruutu cotton red
98.00€ 49.00€
Based on 1 reviews.
Trousers Cherry Pie
42.00€ 35.70€
Trousers Diamond ER
42.00€ 35.70€
Trousers Gleam of Sun
42.00€ 35.70€
Trousers Jungle
42.00€ 35.70€
Trousers Rainforest
42.00€ 35.70€
Vanamo Woven Wrap Kide Kotilo
352.00€ 211.20€
Vanamo Woven Wrap Kide Ruka
216.00€ 172.80€
Vanamo Woven Wrap Kide Voikukka
216.00€ 172.80€
Vanamo Woven Wrap Solki Kinos
168.00€ 142.80€
Wrap Tai Medium Earthy Rainbow
200.00€ 120.00€
Wrap Tai Medium Gleam of Sun
200.00€ 120.00€
Wrap Tai Medium Northern Lights
200.00€ 120.00€
Wrap Tai Medium RR Pacifico
200.00€ 120.00€
WrapTai Medium Arctic Rainbow
200.00€ 120.00€
WrapTai Medium Arctic Rainbow
200.00€ 120.00€
Ring Sling Karpalo cotton navy
86.00€ 42.16€
Ring Sling Karpalo cotton red
86.00€ 42.16€
Ring Sling Karpalo white
103.00€ 51.50€
Ring Sling Ruutu purple
94.00€ 47.00€
Vanamo Woven Wrap Kide Simpukka
352.00€ 211.20€